Feature Representation:
Ramses Ishak and Michael Sheresky - UTA

TV Representation:
Josh Hornstock - UTA

Josh Goldenberg - KAPLAN/PERRONE
t: (+1) 310-285-0116

Australian Advertising Representation:
Dave Jansen - Infinity2
t: (+612) 9565 5441

French Advertising Representation:
Bercheux Thomas
t: +33 (0) 148053625

reiso@danielreisinger.com | US: +1 424 272-5095 | OZ: +61 430 1800 34

I make funny films with pretty pictures.

I've always wanted to direct comedy. I just took a round about way to get there... I started out in news and documentaries at the Aussie version of the BBC. They nominated me to be their representative at the Young Australian Leaders forum.

Eventually I decided music videos would be more fun and moved to NYC to do just that. Returning home I started making comedy youtube vids with my friends and they have received Millions of views across all Channels. Suddenly off the back of those I found myself pulled into the world of advertising. Happily, my campaigns and clips have received numerous awards - SPONSOR THE WHITEHOUSE picked up 4 Cannes Lions (the most prestigious awards in advertising). 

More recently I have focused on narrative film. My short “Status Update” picked up the Special Jury Prize from the Friars Club in New York, as well as a Vimeo Staff Pick and Short Of The Week. My next short "CA$H COW” was telecast to hundreds of thousands of Australians live at Tropfest (a national event which is the world's largest short film festival). I'm currently attached to or developing several feature and TV projects - including a heist film for LEGENDARY PICTURES.

My job is bloody excellent. I've had a lot of laughs - punking US congressmen, smashing pianos with trains and blowing up microwaves with teddy bears.  I'm looking forward to the next unusual request my job makes of me.

SOME AWARDS - across film and advertising:


SOME PRESS - work has featured in numerous publications including: