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Daniel Reisinger is a visual director with a flair for mining the comedy out of moments of pathos and a passion for helping his actors craft great performances.

It's been a massive 12 months for Daniel that's seen him successfully launching three different shows. SIDESWIPED received great reviews Vanity Fair called it a “thoroughly modern romantic comedy” while Indiewire called it “hilarious” and “truly heartfelt.” (PILOT HERE). It has been watched more than 30 million times and counting. It stars Carly Craig, Jason Sudeikis, Rosanna Arquette, Chelsea Frei, Peter Gallagher, Christopher MacDonald, Rhys Coiro and Thomas Lennon. Read more here...

Daniel followed this with successfully launching the Australian version of the Emmy award-winning show DRUNK HISTORY (although let’s face it in Australia it should’ve just been called – History). It featured Rhys Darby (Flight of the Conchords, Jumanji). It topped the ratings and was the country's number 1 trending show upon its launch.

Daniel’s currently directing the entire first season of SNAPCHAT’s biggest ever show PRIVATE.

“There’s a core of yearning in the show that belies the raucous tone of the in-your-face comedy elements.“ Indiewire

“The joke, on Sideswiped, is life itself… SIDESWIPED is absolutely worth your time.” Paste's Power Rankings: The 10 Best Shows on TV Right Now

“There are gags in the first episode of Sideswiped... that are laugh-out-loud funny… Stream It, because Craig, Arquette and Frei make a heck of a comedy team.” Decider Magazine

"It’s a thoughtful, funny and sometimes cringeworthy look at trying to make a connection...The show frankly discusses and depicts sex and while the sometimes bawdy approach is part of the comedy, the search for connection through sex and romance is also used to occasionally pause the laughs and give the story a deeper layer or two. It’s the interplay of fun and tender moments that gives this breezy romantic comedy more heart than most."

Dan started out in news and documentaries at the ABC – where he was nominated to be their representative at the Young Australian Leaders forum. Eventually he decided making comedy would be more fun and moved to NYC to do just that. He started making comedy YouTube vids with his friends with no money. Happily, they received millions of views and he soon found himself drawn into the world of advertising. His clips and commercials have received numerous awards around the world including four Cannes Lions and a D&AD pencil. His work has received press from publications as diverse as CNBC, ABC, Wired, Fox News, The Sydney Morning Herald, Variety, Deadline, Indiewire and Ain’t It Cool News – who recently described him as; “a force to be reckoned with.”

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